30 Min. Massage $55

Enjoy a relaxing stress relieving massage of the neck and shoulders. Perfect for anyone on the go but needs a little pick me up.

1 Hour Massage $75

A full body relaxation massage. Relieve stress and muscle tension, improve circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage.

90 Min. Massage $120

A full body relaxation massage to relieve stress and muscle tension. This massage will focus on areas of tension for total relaxation!

Hot stone Massage $112

Our ultimate stress relieving massage! Enjoy a 1 hour relaxation massage with hot stones placed along your spine, around your shoulders and used during the massage.

Reflexology $65

Reflexology is great for the body mind and spirit. It can increase circulation, Eliminate toxins, Boost energy and create an overall well being. 45 min.

Indian Head Massage $75

Our newest service, you will truly love it! Massage for upper body, neck and head. Great for anyone that struggles with migraines, Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety or stress. 45min